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We live in a capitalist society! I didn’t make up the rules. Anyways, here are various products I’ve released into the world over the years.

Lose Well

This is it! My new book is here. This one is for everyone who feels doubted, by their families, peers, even themselves. This is a book with a whole bunch of funny stories, but also a whole bunch of philosophy on why you’ve got to get out there and go for it even when you’re probably going to eat shit and fail.

Career Suicide

Career Suicide was an off-Broadway show that was eventually aired on HBO. It’s funny. But it also focuses in on depression and suicide and alcoholism and some other things I’ve dealt with. This is the album, released on the great Don Giovanni records. It’s a double LP on purple vinyl. It’s so cool. The art is by my friend Diana Kolsky. It includes an annotated map of locations from the show and a poster and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

My Comedy Album

I put out an album on the great Don Giovanni Records! The AV Club says it was one of the best comedy albums of 2014 and added, “In a tight 40 minutes, he covers tragicomic stories from his own life, including a sad blowjob outside Alan Rickman’s apartment and the time he fell off the wagon—hard—at Bonnaroo and into a giant bag of molly. It’s painfully funny, though not nearly as harrowing as it sounds, since Gethard is telling his stories from the other side. He’s better now, mostly, and seems to find it all very funny.”

A Bad Idea I'm About To Do: True Tales of Seriously Poor Judgement and Stunningly Awkward Adventure

I wrote a book in 2011. Some of the stories in it are good! The NY Journal of Books said, “Chris Gethard proves that good storytelling trumps all other considerations when determining if a book is worth reading. Mr. Gethard’s storytelling is very good, and this book is worth reading.”


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