Chris Gethard

Comedian | Author | Telephone Call Enthusiast

“One of our great cultural commentators on comedy/tragedy juxtapositions.” – NPR

Chris Gethard is a comedian based out of the great state of New Jersey. He can be seen performing all over the world. He’s the host of the podcast Beautiful/Anonymous, the author of a few books, and the figurehead of a canceled television show that was actually more like a religious cult.

Live Performances

My favorite part of my career is when I get to go out on the road and perform live, right in front of the people that support me. Every time someone buys a ticket, I appreciate it to my core, and aim to give you a great show in return. Most often, I perform stand up. Sometimes I do live tapings of my podcast, Beautiful/Anonymous. You can find the dates and links to buy tickets for all of em if you scroll down just a little bit further.

Live Show Dates

No live dates right now.
Check back soon!
Beautiful Anonymous
Beautiful Anonymous

Beautiful Anonymous

Beautiful/Anonymous is my podcast. I tweet out a phone number. Thousands of people try to call. I talk to one of them for an hour. They never tell me their name. I’m not allowed to hang up. That’s it. That’s the whole thing. It’s a simple idea, but it’s turned into a thing that a whole lot of people love. Sometimes it’s funny. Often it’s dark. It’s a joy every time and a constant reminder that every single person has a story, and that we don’t often enough slow down to hear them. Listen to Beautiful/Anonymous Visit the FaceBook Group

New Jersey Is The World

New Jersey Is The World is two things: 1) A free monthly podcast you can go subscribe to right now and 2) an amazing Patreon with an insane amount of content. The entire project explores my love of the great state of New Jersey. The insane stories of growing up there, the food, the places, and tons of contributions from people all over the world. It’s really, really fun.

Patreon can be found at this link.

Planet Scum

Planet Scum is a new online comedy venue I helped build. Born out of the pandemic, it now features good comedy most nights of the week from a wide array of amazing comedians, including myself, the George Lucas Talk Show, Robby Hoffman, Riley Soloner, Martin Urbano, Mary Houlihan, and Milly Tamarez. It’s a cool venture full of hard working and funny people. Check it out at planetscum.live  

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